Military use of energy drinks

Energy drinks have become extremely popular in modern times. This has proved itself to be true in all aspects of society. It is reported that more than forty percent of military men in service, drink at least one energy drink every single day. This statistic holds true across all races, all age groups, and across various ranks of service. More than ten percent of these people drink more than one drink a day. They have been reported to drink up to three or four energy drinks per day.Military use of energy drinks

This is a truly staggering amount. This is not necessarily recommended. While energy drinks come with some very tangible benefits, such as a high alertness and lots of stamina, there are also some disadvantages. It is reported that people who drink these large amounts of energy drinks daily, tend to suffer from problems with their sleeping patterns. Sleep for people who consume large quantities of energy drinks is reduced by up to four hours of less sleep per night. So there have been reports of disruptions in sleep for people consuming more than two energy drinks per day. This is however not surprising. The entire object of energy drinks is to keep you alert. Naturally if you consume too much of it, you will lose sleep due to being overly alert. For this reason, it is very important to be responsible with how much you consume. The problem with this is that, if you lose sleep your body has to replenish that lost sleep. This means that you have to catch up with this lost sleep, and because you have been overly alert, you are now bound to fall asleep randomly. Soldiers who are heavy drinkers of energy drinks reported that they began to fall asleep during briefings and meetings, and randomly at inopportune moments. For this reason the military is beginning an awareness campaign regarding the excessive use of energy drinks.

There are too many soldiers who are not taking notice of the adverse effects, and only focusing on the fact that they need the extra energy that moment. As anyone can see, a soldier falling asleep on duty or during combat is an exceptionally serious problem. For this reason the indiscriminate use of energy drinks is not encouraged. In the civilian population there is also a high percentage of people who drink energy drinks. However, by comparison to the military population, the percentages are very much lower. In the civilian population people tend to consume about one energy drink per month, whereas in the military it is an average of one per day. This is probably affected by the particular circumstances at play. For example, in the military, energy drinks are provided free of charge during mealtimes, and are made available in the dining halls. No doubt, this contributes greatly to the high use of energy drinks. It is of concern because inadequate sleep has many negative effects on a person’s body. It is feared that this will lead to a general state of poor health.

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